The Cutting-Edge Hardware Wallets of 2021

The ethos of bitcoin eulogizes self-sovereignty, and so does the saying « not your keys, not your bitcoin. » This is one maxim that inspires novices to deploy wallets instead of exchanges.

There is a melange of wallets from mobile wallets, multi-sig wallets, software wallets, hardware wallets, and third-party custodial wallets. It is best of you could deploy a hardware wallet for an escalated security if you have a considerable amount of cryptocurrency.

Ledger – Nano X and Nano S

The most popular non-custodial wallet across the globe. An added advantage is the ease with which we can use this wallet, deploying a PIN code and a recovery phase. These ledger wallets have an inbuilt well-crafted chip design to resist trailblazing threats along with their own customised operating system.

The Ledger Live App also confers the ability to purchase crypto directly. You can also deploy this hardware wallet through third-party tools, including Electrum, Casa Wallet, Caravan, and Lily Wallet.

You can begin your crypto journey by employing a Ledger Live exchange integration for the purchase of crypto, with the Nano X having the capability to store more than 1500 tokens.

Trezor Model T

This popular model, available for $169, bestows multi-signature protection and arrives with a magnetic dock for convenience. A connection to a computer is a prerequisite or utilise third-party desktop wallets like Magnum Waller, Electrum, Blockstream Green, and Exodus Wallet.

Allowing 1600 tokens, this remains the sole full open-source hardware wallet that permitted a myriad of individuals to develop their own devices. The parent company, titled in homage for Satoshi Nakamoto, is called SatoshiLabs.


This wallet bears the semblance of a calculator at first gaze. The genesis of this multi-sig and open-source wallet actualised in 2010 and was developed in Canada by Coinkite. Creating a fad in the industry because of the trusted and reputed tag name in this industry, Coinkite ensures that this wallet has a plethora of features.

This wallet is also considered a safe and secure selection to store your Bitcoin. This wallet is also a Bitcoin-only custodial quick fix that employs a MicroSD backup with decoy wallets, lockout timers, and pins.

Opolo Cosmos

This wallet, established in Luxembourg in 2019, costs an estimate of $199.This wallet has a 3.2-inch touch screen and operates with its exclusive desktop app: a multi-sig and open source wallet and functions with 200,000 tokens.

The added advantage of this app is the two built-in coin swap selections made available. Heightened security is offered with a built-in password manager and by allowing a 127-character long password.